Monday, June 04, 2007



It has been a very hectic week. I haven't got the spare time to update the blog. Running here and there. Working at my level best to overcome all problems that arises. Trying hard to ensure that i'm still SANE! Alhamdulillah ... now I'm back in my small cubicle .... blogging. hehehhe

Monday 28 May, 2007

We left the house at 9am. The traffic along Federal Highway was bad. It took us almost 2 hours to reach Karak Highway. My dearest, dearest husband. He drove at 60km to 70 km per hour only. I do understand his fear. His driving with the whole "clan" in the car. But. This woman (me la!) was soooooo annoyed! Somewhere in Pahang, I demanded that I took over the wheels. Besides, he was already sleepy. But luck was not at my side. We reached Merapoh. Speeding was a BIG NO-NO! Scary. That's my impression of the hilly road. I wonder why some people still wants to speed and overtake others along this particular road. We arrived in Gua Musang safe and sound. Husband took over the wheels. Along the way, we had to stopped too many times ... kids wanted to go to the loo, kids wanted this, kids wanted that! We only stopped for potty as I packed sausages and cheese sandwiches for everybody. To cut the journey short ... we arrived in Kota Bharu at 6.30pm. Checked in. Found out that our room is until Saturday the 2nd only. Hmmmm .... have to work out on something later.

Bath. Sent husband out to buy food. Ya ... we bought outside food as we were trying to save as much budget as we can! hahahahahhaah ...

After eating ... semua pengsan!!
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

FREE breakfast! We ate A LOT! ahahhahaha ... Then off to PUTIK. Meetings. Giving orders. Meetings. Giving orders. Meetings. Giving orders.

Alhamdulillah ... everything seemed to be fine. Everybody WAS listening to instructions on what needs to be done. Me? Happy. Off back to the hotel ... rest.
After Maghrib, went back to PUTIK. Stories starts coming in. I did several scripts. Left at around 1opm. Tired.
Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Hectic! Working and at the same time mothering 4 kids. Was able to write 3 stories. Went back to the hotel after Asar. The kids wants to play at the pool. Air dan kanak-kanak memang tak boleh dipisahkan. Dah dekat Maghrib suruh naik pun susah. Adehhh ...

Our dinner was 6 Nasi Goreng tapau. After eating, Syabil passed out ... obviously very tired and full. We had to leave the three in the room as I had to be back in PUTIK to check out on the boys. Brought Nisaa' along. She slept in the operation room. Kesian dia ...

After writing stories and giving orders .. we left at around 12midnight. By the time we reached the room .. Irfan, Zinnirah and Syabil was already sound asleep.
Thursday, 31 May 2007

Muktamar for all three wings started. Another hectic day. Kids already complaining. Told them to be patient with ibu. Alhamdulillah ... dearest husband was very understanding and help out with the kids. Since it was almost impossible to work at the small operation centre as I was the only female around, I decided to work from the room. Managed to complete 7 scripts, while the kids were sleeping. At 5pm, went off to cyber cafe at Perdana Bowling Centre to type the scripts and sent them to the visual editor. It never accrossed my mind that I will be doing all the writings when I have staff to do it. DUH!!

After maghrib, went to PUTIK again to do the VO and instructed the visual editor to upload all scripts before the main muktamar starts the next day.

Friday, 1 June 2007

I was excited. My first muktamar. I was looking forward to listen to the main speech by the president, as well as the election proceeding and the debates.

Semangat berkobar-kobar. Went to the operation room only to find out that NONE of the scripts were uploaded! Angry, annoyed, frustrated, mad .. fuming mad.

They said they were not robots! What about me?? Going here and there like a crazy woman .. kids towing along .. but was able to do my job and others ... PERFECTLY!

I called up my immediate boss and told her that I'm leaving PUTIK. I can't work with inefficient people who only think about themselves. They even had a chick to say that I have the time to "jalan-jalan" with my family!

So .. it's BOYCOTT time!! I had enough of these people!

Hubby stayed in PUTIK, while the kids and I were off to Pantai Cahaya Bulan! hahahahaha ... matahari tengah tegak atas kepala . Jadi tak izinkan anak-anak mandi laut. Bagi depa nengok je laut tu. Zinnirah kata sungai! hahahahah .. Kesian anakku ... sungai dengan laut tak reti nak bezakan.

After that we were off to Pasir Putik for lunch a Za's house. huhuhuhu ... ikan kembung rebus cicah budu. HEAVEN! Fresh gila ikan tu .. terasa manisnya. Za cakap sekilo RM4 je.

Pukul 3 balik KB semula. Sampai hotel, takde pun tape .. so I know that the guys know I'm angry and decided not to send any tapes for to work on!hahahahaha ..padan muka! Lemak masing-masing. Mentang2 aku tolong, depa naik kepala!

Later at night, told that Napoleon boss of mine that I'm leaving the next day as we had to check out the next day and no rooms available in any hotels.

He went panicking. He told me to search around for rooms. I insisted that I'm leaving because it's not MY JOB to locate for rooms. I'm not going to trouble myself and beg people for accomodation when it was supposed to be done by someone who was shaking his bloody legs in KL doing nothing but interfering with other's people job! Errr ... did I sound angry? ekekekkeke ..

Saturday, 2 May 2007

Packing up day! Actually we could bunk in a friend's house, who was more than willing to accept us but I was adamant to leave. Thanks Alina for being so gracious. Before leaving, we stopped by PUTIK so that I can bring back some tapes and a camera and YES .. giving final instructions.

Called Alina .... for the first time in 5 years, we met! Berpeluk sakan laaaa ... Alina masih Alina yang sama ... cuma a bit plump. She wore a scarf! hahahhahahaha ... Alina kata senang nak blend in! huhuhuhuhu ...

Talk, talk and talk .. making up for the long lost years. Squeezed in everything in such a short time. She was excited to meet the kids especially Syabil and Nisaa'. Memang dia tak pernah jumpa yang dua tu.

Lepas dah sembang-sembang ... I had to make a move sebab dah masuk 11 pagi. Peluk-peluk lagi. Pulang la kami ke Kuala Lumpur semula. Arrived in KL at 9pm. FUH!!! What a week!!

Nota kecik-kenot: Makan memang murah, the kids love the food there sebab tak pedas. Irfan likes Kelantan very much. He said it was nicer than KL and USJ. But there's one but .... banyaknyaaaa PIJAT kat bilik hotel tu! Kesian Nisaa' .. abih badan dia gatal2. Tak sempat gi pasar siti khadijah dan tempat2 menarik lain. Tak sempat beli apa-apa .. not even a bottle of budu! Gambar memang takde sebab takde camera huhuhuhuhu ... hanya ada kenangan di sebalik minda ini ....

Nota enot-enot: Nasib baik kami balik hari sabtu. kalau semalam ... adehhhh stuck in the jam la kot. dah la KL banjir. huhuhu


khairyn said...

uit! I talked with Alina the other day. She sounded excited. Said love Kelantan very much, so very different from Kedah. I guess anywhere is better than been send back to KL.

Sue is in Pasir Mas with Arni and maybe Zulita, don't remember. Attending a majlis bertunang sapa ka namanya tu. Ask Alina la.

So'od said...

u're back!
alhamdulillah :)

izinni said...

yup! she definitely loving kelantan. dia kata seronok gi muktamar sebab buleh jamu mata nengok lelaki2 hensem! hahahaha

Alhamdulillah ... :) good to be back.

~~~***aZaHygCoMeL***~~~ said...

akak....sabar...hehehe...jgn cepat melenting ;))

tak bes kan perdana hotel tu? hotel jer la tak bes....makanan kat sana bes2...murah2 giler....

Pa'chik said...

kan dah kata.. banyak pijat.. hehe..

akirasuri said...

kan dah kata.. banyak pijat.. hehe..

welkambek sis! embek! embek! :))

Si B*ntang said...

si bintang tiba menghulurkan stardust

:: welkambeng kak izinni >:D<

:: waaa~~ makan2 =p~ sonoknyew :))

pB said...

apa yg perlu dibuat kalau ada pijat???

hmmm .....

tengok lelaki2 handsome ...??

Nok keno kelik klate ni .... kalu gitu ....

13may said...

kan dah kata.. banyak pijat.. hehe..

sang diva said...

weh makcik, lama sangat ke nak upload benda? dah upload, leh je tinggal wat keje lain kan, sesekali check tgk masuk tak masuk.

tyrexia said...

lame tak gi klate...

zwitterion said...


bang_gugar said...


dengar cerita meriah saja muktamar disana..


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