Thursday, October 16, 2008

The matter of a broken heart ...

Being human is the most complicated thing for human. It's never an easy thing to care for another human being, especially when it comes to the matter of heart.
Heart. Another complicated and unexpected being. It can be kind, honest, loving, understanding at times. But should something unexpected happened, the heart can be the most cruel, demanding, cynical, envious.

Be it your own, the one you loved most, the persons you hated with all your being. Heart. It's always not easy to please.

I always tell myself that it's okay if I got hurt. It would heal. Time will heal the wound. But, never hurt other's, as we wouldn't know whether the heart whom we hurt would forgive and forget.

Sometimes it's difficult as I am just human. I feel. I hurt. I cry when the heart bleed, though mostly to myself.

And those who are closed to me will say, let them be. Don't think about it. Don't hold any grudges. I don't. I don't hold any grudges. I don't hate. I am just hurt. Deeply. I'm entitled to that feeling.

Because I am just human, who have a heart. A broken heart. Healed but at times it can still bleed ... unexpectedly. But, still I love them all, with all my broken heart.


mudin001 said...

Ah! Need I say it again?


izinni said...

ohh .. i know you gonna say that. nevermind, this heart will forgive you ;)

khairyn said...

oh... hahahaha erk!

akirasuri said...

Oh.. hahaha.. erk jugaklah..

kakaka! :p

pa'chik said...

Oh.. hahaha.. erkkkkkk.... alhamdulillah...

-our- said...

ape ni muskil ni..

Rynn Cowbra said...


singgah dan tinggal bayang.

tapi takut nak komen.

kak has mau rynn belikan plaster utk hati itu?
xpon pita selofan utk digamkan semula?